My Vision


My vision is to make Grevena a much better place to live and visit. To help my county to lead in Western Macedonia by creating a nucleus of hope, growth and optimism.

Based on my knowledge and experience and of course the ideas of my fellow citizens, we can promote the problems of our county and make their solution a priority in the decision-making centers. And only together we have the power to do it.

I pledge to do my best and provide solutions to the problems and challenges of our county and country. And where there is cooperation and will, there is always solution and progress.

I believe in my place, I believe in you and I dream a model-county for the whole Greece. To create infrastructure and development, to attract investments that will get a better life for every citizen. We deserve more, we owe to ask for it and get it.

Together we are going to claim and gain everything we dream of.

Αξίες που μας ξεχωρίζουν


Γνώση & Εμπειρία


Συνέπεια Λόγων & Έργων


Για την Ελλάδα και τα Γρεβενά


Ανθρώπων & Περιβάλλοντος

Τα Γραφεία μας

Γρεβενά: Εθνικής Αντιστάσεως 3

Τ.Κ: 51100  
  Τηλ: 24620-25152

Δεσκάτη: Εθνομ. Αιμιλιανού 3

Τ.Κ: 51200  
  Τηλ: 24620-36232

Αθήνα: Βασιλίσσης Σοφίας 10

Τ.Κ: 10674  
  Τηλ: 2107222980

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